MESHsystems in Flex

by Tom Drake on June 15th, 2009

When we decided to upgrade from ASP.NET to Adobe Flex, we knew this would be a major undertaking. We also knew the effort would be well worth it and it is meeting and exceeding our expectations in every way.

Now MESHsystems can run on all operating systems and all browsers because it uses the Flash player. We run it on the Mac OS and use FireFox, Safari and others. This is a huge benefit!

The other reason for this technology change is for speed. When running an application across the Internet, speed can vary depending on the connection. Having a marginal connection and a slow application is not fun at all. A Flex/Flash application is blazingly fast and operates like the high-end websites in speed and performance.

Now what do you do when you do not have a connection at all? We offer MESHsystems modules in “Adobe Integrated Runtime” or “AIR.” This means the application can run natively on your desktop as if on the online system. Speed is instantaneous and any work done in AIR is automatically synced when a connection can be made.

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