Managing Contractors

by Tom Drake on August 1st, 2009

The new “Contractor” module has some very unique and exciting capabilities. By providing contractor login capabilities, contractors can enter the information for the PreQualification form directly online and maintain it. I know of companies who have staff assigned to performing this function….I was one of them and the time spend in this activity was very costly. The company can view contractor PQ information in a very efficient and searchable system.

The other exciting company/contractor capability is the managing of projects. The company can enter all information for a project and the contractor can login to view the project information and record information specific to that project.

This is true interactivity and efficiency in managing the sometimes difficult world of contractors. By effectively communicating in this way the result will be a better experience for the contractor and for the company that will prevent incidents and create the all important “paper trail” or as we call it the “data trail.”

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